What makes a dream home? 

I’m currently in the process of dreaming up my perfect home. It’s a bit early on but hey why not! Some girls spend years dreaming up their perfect wedding day. That wasn’t me. Heck I planned it all in the five months leading up to it. But my dream home… That’s something different. Maybe because your wedding is one day in your life whereas your home is something you will have for many years.

Pinterest is great for putting together some ideas in the form of a mood board. It also helps you source inspiration from different creatives all over the world.

I think it’s important to not take fashion trends too seriously. Whenever I read home and lifestyle magazines it’s all about changing up your house aesthetic based on a new trend that will really only be around for a couple of months. Your home is your sanctuary and a long term investment, so like your wardrobe, invest in pieces you love and can have around for many years.

It’s also worthy to focus your efforts on a spacious warm kitchen space that speaks welcoming, a decluttered bedroom, a central open lounge space and a killer bathroom.

Here are my must haves for a dream home:

  • High ceilings
  • Lots of white and natural light
  • A big lounge area
  • Open plan including a spacious kitchen with an island bench
  • An egg shaped free standing bath (alongside a killer bathroom with two basins – this is a must for me)
  • A walk in wardrobe with lots of shoe storage space. Somewhere I can hide with my girlfriends
  • Light timber floors
  • A pop of blue
  • Lots of greenery
  • Homey feels and meaningful art

What would make up your dream home?

Love A x

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