2017: Gratitude

Happy New Year! Who can believe we are at the start of another year already?! Exciting times huh. I have big dreams for this year – I really do believe BIG things are right around the corner. I wanted to start off this year by taking time to reflect on the things I am grateful for. It’s an attitude I want to carry into the new year. No matter what life throws my way, I want to remember what I already have and be thankful for the life I live.

Grateful for:

  • My gorgeous hubby who is ever so encouraging and optimistic
  • Being healthy and alive and active and well!
  • A joy I have found in Jesus
  • Our friends and family – I love them all so much and couldn’t be happier we got to spend two weeks over Christmas catching up with everyone
  • We are moving homes in two weeks – yippeee!
  • Community & church
  • That hubby and I both have good jobs that make an impact on society
  • 2016! I’m grateful for the year that was – the friendships, the laughs, the travel, the memories…
  • Living in Sydney.. I love this place more and more each year
  • New roads, new rivers.. all the potential that is to unravel!

What are you grateful for this year?



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Love A x

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