Europe 2018

Is it just me or is everyone going to Europe this year? For us, this year has been about home. And home can come in many forms. It’s about building a place we love and investing in our family, friends and community. We now have our dream (literal) home in the beautiful seaside location of Manly, and have been spending the last few months fixing and tweaking our place to just how we want it.

If you’ve been following on on Instagram you would have seen that we have been enjoying our beautiful home a lot more this year (aside from some quick trips to Byron Bay and Melbourne – hello wedding season!). I remember this time last year I was preparing to go to South East Asia for a couple of months to work in Singapore. And what an incredible and life changing trip it was, that really was a curveball.

But now this year, I am currently lying in bed, in my dream home whilst my husband is intensely studying away for his big exam in June. This year has been everything but what we imagined it would be. Both good and bad. Sometimes life throws unexpected troughs your way, but it’s all for making you stronger and for bringing out the deep, rich character in you. Together, we are mainly focusing on work (setting up our careers and impact on society) and saving (so we can have financial freedom to follow our calling). BUT I have big dreams in my heart for 2018 and feel like “across the oceans” will be the words of my heart.. The words I felt for 2017 were “BIG” and everything so far has been just that. What a stretch! But hey, God is good.

I am so grateful for my husband and for the beautiful family and friends around us, for supporting and encouraging us everyday. They have made sure we haven’t given up in the hard times, and have only spoken words of wisdom and love over our lives. I am forever grateful, and its times like these I realise how important it is having a trustworthy and reliable support network around you.

Ok enough of my emotional, kind of vague ramblings (I can be a private person and don’t like giving everything away). I DO have it in my heart to venture to Europe again soon – but for a slightly longer trip. We really want to go and explore more of Europe and visit family and friends sometime in spring / summer next year. Throughout my travel diaries over the past few years I’ve always said how I love traveling like a local, and being able to stay in places for that bit longer and really get to know the people and rich culture. Hopefully next year we can venture to places and towns across Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Scandinavia (just to name a few) for at least two months…

Here are some European spots that have caught my attention, some of which we have already been to but I’m eager to see more of..

Where would you like to explore for an extended period of time?

Love A x

Ps: Thank you to those who follow along on Instagram and give love to my photos, or write a sweet note or comment or email. I love the community we’ve built together & that we can inspire each other daily. You are a gem. 

One thought on “Europe 2018

  1. Yes, I too have noticed that almost everyone is traveling to Europe!!
    I was planning to go to Italy and London this Year however my cousin insists I attend her wedding next year (she’s getting married on 8.08.’18).
    I have been planning this trip for many many years. I have lots of Aunts, Uncles and relatives in Italy and a much beloved sister and her family in St Albans, England.
    What I haven’t decided is when exactly and for how long.
    Do I go from June, July, August or July, August, September? And is three months too long? I have relations in the south and north of Italy and a few in Rome. Then friends in the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. It must be three months so I can absorb Italy and England!
    God is goood. Xx

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