Hello 2018! Nice to finally meet you. You have been greatly anticipated and I am so glad you are finally here. My expectations for this year could not be greater and I could not be more excited for this year to unravel and see what’s in store.

I am currently in the process of planning my trip to Europe this year and I wanted to share some places that I would love to explore. I have building my bucket-list for Europe for a while now, and there are so many corners and towns I can’t wait to explore. The last time I went was 5 years ago in 2013 when I moved to London for half a year to do exchange and study at Roehampton University in the UK. You can read more about it here.


This year I plan on traveling mainly in June, like Arden and I did last time (we traveled Spain, Greece and Italy for 3 weeks), as it isn’t as stinking hot and the peak of crowds and tourists arrive in July.

Here are 5 places I am awaiting to explore and visit this year in Europe:

Lake Como, Italy

My heart honestly skips a beat at the thought we may be exploring this beautiful town on a lake set against the foothills of the Italian alps. Lake Como is in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, southwest Italy, and is best known for its stunning Lake views, Renaissance architecture and dramatic scenery. Ohhhhhh yes. Take me here now.

lake como

Lagos, Portugal

Ever since I saw Jessica from Tuula Vintage explore the beautiful southern Portugal seaside town, I knew I had to go here one day. Lagos is in southern Portugal’s Algarve region and is known for its Atlantic beaches, wooden steps to the sandy beach coves and colourful old town. My plan is to road trip from the southern coast of Spain and end up here. Hello summer road trip.


Granada, Spain

Medieval architecture, fortresses on foothills and inspirations from Morocco, Granada is a city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. Set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains this city has recently become a more visited destination with its colourful and artistic architecture and spectacular garden and city views.


Lake Annecy, France

Characterised by mountain springs and it’s crystal clear water, Lake Annecy is in the Haute-Savoie region of France and is very close to the border of Italy. Annecy is a medieval old town with canals and bridges and is a spectacular French lakeside village. Boats on the lake, croissants and French champagne on long summer days… I must be dreaming.

lake annecy

Warsaw, Poland

Of course the motherland. With both my parents being Polish, I absolutely adore visiting home. I was born in Australia but being brought up Polish with our culture ever so strong in our family, every time I get a chance to visit Poland, it just feels like home. I plan on taking my husband Arden to the capital Warsaw this year and showing him everything about our background, history, culture and more.


Are you planning on a European trip this year? Share below where you’ll be going.

Love A x

2 thoughts on “5 EUROPEAN PLACES TO VISIT IN 2018

  1. Definitely come to Annecy, it is magical (even now with wintery mists covering the lake). Lagos is now firmly on my bucket list, so thank you very much! I never even heard of it before.

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