Japan Dreaming

I’m starting to plan out our trips for this year. I’ve been looking at a range of destinations and noticing that the places that appeal to us are the more off the beaten track ones.

I’ve travelled to and visited my fair share of countries. From New York to Barcelona, Dublin, Hawaii, Korea, LA, Maldives, Monaco, Prague, Singapore… (see the full list here), many thousands of km’s have been travelled and explored.

What Arden and I love the most are the less touristy, hidden destinations where it kind of becomes a make it your own kind of adventure place. But we also don’t mind a bit of the hustle and bustle. I think Japan may just be perfect for that!

We also loooove Japanese food – bring on endless sushi, sashimi, gyoza, green tea ice cream and matcha everything. I really think you can learn a lot about a country by the cuisine! Eat up.

Japan has become a more popular place to travel to these days (hello Tokyo), but these photos give me goosebumps from the mystery of the different destinations! I love nature and being outdoors, and I think Japan’s variety of landscapes, architecture, flora and art comes together so beautifully.

Here are some photos of Japan that have me dreaming…

Japan 2

Japan 11

Japan 5

Japan 8

Japan 9

Japan 6

Japan 4

Have you visited Japan before? 

I’ll keep you updated if and when we book it!

Ps – Follow along my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

A x


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