66 Audio x Golden Hour Girl

I was excited to partner with 66 Audio recently, and try out their new BTS Pro Bluetooth headphones. When the team reached out to me I was so glad to find out about their sports headphones, which are the perfect companion for your next run or gym session. Hearing from the 66 Audio team was perfect timing as I was in the market for Bluetooth headphones and these ones had everything I was looking for – comfort, style and excellent sound quality (and no cables – hooray!).

I love supporting up and coming companies who develop excellent tech products that don’t compromise on quality. 66 Audio are a tech startup based in LA and they focus on delivering amazing Bluetooth audio products. Their headphones have the longest battery life, fastest charge time, and longest wireless range in the market.

The Bluetooth range on the BTS Pro headphones is really good, and I haven’t once experienced any lag or buffering when listening to my music – it is so crisp! The sweat-proof design was another feature that won me over as well as the long battery life of 40+ hours, so I don’t have to worry about always charging them up. They headphones also work with pretty much every audio device (e.g. iOS, Android, OSX, Windows and Linux).

The headphones provide me with the extra motivation I need to get out and about and moving. They are super comfy (I forget I have them on sometimes) and trust me when I say the sound quality is really good – it literally blocks out all noise around you, so you can focus on getting in the zone (Arden always wants to steal them off me!).






You can use ADRIANA15 to get 15% off your next shop with them.

They also deliver through Amazon.

These headphones were gifted to me by the team at 66 Audio. All opinions and words represent my honest views.

A x

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