I just made it as a Top 100 Travel Influencer for 2018!

I couldn’t believe it when the email landed in my inbox last Friday but I am so excited to share with you that I’ve been listed as a Top 100 up and coming Australian Travel and Lifestyle Influencer for 2018 with Experience Oz. You can read all about it here.

My heart jumps with joy being recognised as number 33 for up and coming talent and influence in the Australian tourism industry. Continue reading I just made it as a Top 100 Travel Influencer for 2018!

6 Tips On How To Be A Boss Lady (and be killin’ it in your twenties)

Now let’s first set things straight here. I am by NO means writing this post in an attempt to say I have nailed being a boss lady and am killin’ it at everything I do. Reality is no one is perfect and we should wake up everyday with an inspiration and aspiration to be better, wiser, stronger… This is more so around the amazing women I’ve been lucky enough to meet on life’s journey and the lessons I’ve learned from them along the way.

Life can be full of ups and downs, and navigating your way through your twenties can provide more challenges then you could have ever imagined (isn’t life supposed to be all sorted out by the time you’re 20?! Definitely not!!) I’m starting to see the older you get, the more challenges that present themselves, but also how things get easier when you start to develop a perspective on who you really are and what really matters in life.

Above all, it’s so important to stay true to yourself and just keep doing what you’re doing. One day at a time, one step at a time. I’m a perfectionist, and at the worst of times I’ve let it cripple me. At the best of times, I’ve let it ruin completely amazing situations where I just couldn’t see past that one tiny little insignificant thing that didn’t go according to plan. I’ve even let it stop me writing blog posts because they weren’t perfectly polished or timed or perfectly articulated. But then I’m missing out on sharing with you guys and hearing all the beautiful things and changes happening with you.

Your twenties are a flourishing time in your life, as I’m experiencing now, full of love and light and change and growth and the happiest of times. What I sometimes face is feeling like I can’t add value to the conversation in different circles of people because of my age. But did you know you can actually be a boss lady in your early/mid twenties? You can actually inspire people much older then you? You can actually influence others to change their behaviours or thoughts for the better? And you can definitely be killin’ it in more ways then one.

So here are 6 tips on how to be a boss lady in your life:

1. Self love is everything.

Be so sure in yourself and who you are, that no one can steer you away from that. The more you move and create change, the more people will push back. Don’t listen to the haters because after all, they’ll just keep hating.

2. Don’t let anyone dictate your worth.

You deserve better. Back to point one. It all starts with an internal, unshakeable kind of confidence. The kind where you can look someone straight in the eye and tell them exactly what you’re thinking because you have every reason to back yourself.

3. Try, fail, then keep trying.

No one ever got it right the first time. And it’s so important to remember that. Because when you fail, or when you’re down, that’s when the haters come out and will try make you feel like you made the wrong move or call. There’s no such thing as failing or a wasted attempt, only another reason to keep moving.

4. Follow through with the “out there” ideas. 

People insecurities come out when you suggest something that’s never been done before. It’s scary, it’s unsettling, but it’s also an occasion for positive change. If it’s never been done before, isn’t that every reason to give it a go (and learn at least)?

5. You don’t have to be everything to everyone.

It’s not about ticking everyone’s boxes. Don’t let people guilt trip you, because that’s their insecurities coming out. Check in on yourself and sometimes let yourself be you’re number one priority. Ask yourself – who do I really report to / have to impress? If you’re happy with who you are and how you are going in life, that’s more then enough.

6. Surround yourself with other inspirational women. 

“Tell me who you spend your time with, and I’ll tell you who you’ll end up being.” Mentors, friends and your circles of influence are everything. Be careful who you chose to give your time to. Be wise in how you spend your work and free time. Be intentional with who you let shape your character. Iron sharpens iron.


Love A x

Europe 2018

Is it just me or is everyone going to Europe this year? For us, this year has been about home. And home can come in many forms. It’s about building a place we love and investing in our family, friends and community. We now have our dream (literal) home in the beautiful seaside location of Manly, and have been spending the last few months fixing and tweaking our place to just how we want it.

If you’ve been following on on Instagram you would have seen that we have been enjoying our beautiful home a lot more this year (aside from some quick trips to Byron Bay and Melbourne – hello wedding season!). I remember this time last year I was preparing to go to South East Asia for a couple of months to work in Singapore. And what an incredible and life changing trip it was, that really was a curveball.

But now this year, I am currently lying in bed, in my dream home whilst my husband is intensely studying away for his big exam in June. This year has been everything but what we imagined it would be. Both good and bad. Sometimes life throws unexpected troughs your way, but it’s all for making you stronger and for bringing out the deep, rich character in you. Together, we are mainly focusing on work (setting up our careers and impact on society) and saving (so we can have financial freedom to follow our calling). BUT I have big dreams in my heart for 2018 and feel like “across the oceans” will be the words of my heart.. The words I felt for 2017 were “BIG” and everything so far has been just that. What a stretch! But hey, God is good.

I am so grateful for my husband and for the beautiful family and friends around us, for supporting and encouraging us everyday. They have made sure we haven’t given up in the hard times, and have only spoken words of wisdom and love over our lives. I am forever grateful, and its times like these I realise how important it is having a trustworthy and reliable support network around you.

Ok enough of my emotional, kind of vague ramblings (I can be a private person and don’t like giving everything away). I DO have it in my heart to venture to Europe again soon – but for a slightly longer trip. We really want to go and explore more of Europe and visit family and friends sometime in spring / summer next year. Throughout my travel diaries over the past few years I’ve always said how I love traveling like a local, and being able to stay in places for that bit longer and really get to know the people and rich culture. Hopefully next year we can venture to places and towns across Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Scandinavia (just to name a few) for at least two months…

Here are some European spots that have caught my attention, some of which we have already been to but I’m eager to see more of..

Where would you like to explore for an extended period of time?

Love A x

Ps: Thank you to those who follow along on Instagram and give love to my photos, or write a sweet note or comment or email. I love the community we’ve built together & that we can inspire each other daily. You are a gem. 

What makes a dream home? 

I’m currently in the process of dreaming up my perfect home. It’s a bit early on but hey why not! Some girls spend years dreaming up their perfect wedding day. That wasn’t me. Heck I planned it all in the five months leading up to it. But my dream home… That’s something different. Maybe because your wedding is one day in your life whereas your home is something you will have for many years.

Pinterest is great for putting together some ideas in the form of a mood board. It also helps you source inspiration from different creatives all over the world.

I think it’s important to not take fashion trends too seriously. Whenever I read home and lifestyle magazines it’s all about changing up your house aesthetic based on a new trend that will really only be around for a couple of months. Your home is your sanctuary and a long term investment, so like your wardrobe, invest in pieces you love and can have around for many years.

It’s also worthy to focus your efforts on a spacious warm kitchen space that speaks welcoming, a decluttered bedroom, a central open lounge space and a killer bathroom.

Here are my must haves for a dream home:

  • High ceilings
  • Lots of white and natural light
  • A big lounge area
  • Open plan including a spacious kitchen with an island bench
  • An egg shaped free standing bath (alongside a killer bathroom with two basins – this is a must for me)
  • A walk in wardrobe with lots of shoe storage space. Somewhere I can hide with my girlfriends
  • Light timber floors
  • A pop of blue
  • Lots of greenery
  • Homey feels and meaningful art

What would make up your dream home?

Love A x

Spring in Sydney

Spring is my favourite time of the year in Sydney. The days get longer, the air turns warmer and everyone starts to get that holiday vibe...

Spring has finally arrived in Sydney and oh boy it is so lovely! You can honestly feel the difference straight away. The air is slightly warmer, the sun lingers for longer and there are more people showing their faces to the sun.

Spring is my favourite time of the year – how can it not be, it’s when we got married. It also means we are getting closer to the end of the year. This means summer in Australia! There’s nothing like it. The beaches here are just divine when the warm weather kicks in.

We’ll be heading off again soon for another travel adventure to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary! How time passes.

Here are some snaps from some precious time I have been spending at home (also got to celebrate my birthday – hooray for cake!). For me home is Manly in Sydney. It’s my dream home – right by the sea surrounded by nature.

Enjoy xx

What’s your favourite season?

Love A X