From Sydney to Singapore

It’s already been one month since I left Sydney to live in Singapore. I’ll be here for a total of two months working at our partner company in the telecommunications industry. It’s been an incredible opportunity being an expat and living + working abroad, and I see it as the next chapter following my six month stint in London.

Singapore is a beautiful and clean country often described as a city in a garden. It was originally coined as a garden in a city but the island has taken control and you can’t help but notice all the lush greenery surrounding you on all sides of this small yet captivating country.

It baffles me just how different Singapore is to the rest of Asia. I’ve nicknamed it the New York of Asia, which can be easily attributed to main midtown and downtown areas, consumerism, tall skyscrapers, yellow cabs, city slickers and all week buzz.

There are definitely moments, just like in NYC, when you need to escape the city heat and crowds and take some time out to reenergise. Luckily Singapore has a plethora of ways to do this, retreats including one of the several botanic gardens, Sentosa island or a short plane trip away to total tropical paradise in the likes of Thailand, Philipines or even the Maldives.

I sometimes pinch myself and try wrap my head around these kind of blessings. Being 22 years old and having a passion for travel and photography, whilst having a job that allows me to work abroad is really a God dream.

Hope you enjoy these photos I have taken from around Singapore. More to come soon and I can’t wait to update you guys on my recent trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia!

Have you ever vsisited or lived in Singapore?

Love A x

The view from our apartment, overlooking the Grand Hyatt hotel

So much lush greenery! This is close to where I am working

The sun and clouds here are something different

Sentosa Island is great for a Saturday

Tree top walk in Singapore

The Macritchie Tree Top Walk

Autumn in Sydney 

Hello there! How have you all been? Thought I would share some happy snaps from the past month hanging around Sydney.

We have had exceptional weather lately and it really doesn’t feel like winter is three weeks away. I do love spending as much time as I can on the weekends exploring Sydney. It is such a unique part of the world and if you haven’t yet visited, add it to your list!

Sydney is the home to amazing beaches, local cafes and restaraunts, boutique shopping, the friendliest people in the world and an incredible location compromising of mountains, rivers, country and the sea.

Here are some snaps at my favourite local places

Where in the world have you spent your April / May?

Love A x

Secrets of South East Asia


My latest travel fascination has been the beautiful and mysterious South East Asia. Australia, being the isolated country it is, makes it rather difficult to get over and explore all the wonders of Europe. Luckily we have countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia (the list goes on!) right on our door step. Literally less than 5 hours flying time away.

What I love most about traveling is learning more about the world and your place in it. Seeing different ways of life, unique cultures and meeting the beautiful people of this world. I love learning from strangers, foreigners… those who’s life is so different to your own, yet so similar. They may work different jobs, live in different homes, have different families and have a different perspective on life, but at the end of the day we are all human. We all want to love and be loved. We all have a desire to love and be loved. To find a soul mate and grow a family. To make our friends and family proud. To impact this world for the better.

And I love seeing how this plays out across the world in off-the-grid locations, and how foreigners make the experience of life unique to themselves.

Oh how good is traveling! This has always been one of my favourite travel quotes and I’m not sure why…

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” Freya Stark

Here are some places I’m keen to explore and become immersed in within S.E.A:

Have you traveled to South East Asia before? Let us know what your favourite spots are!

 “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John A. Shedd

Love A x

An Everyday Kind Of Bravery

It’s funny how life passes by. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. I’ve learnt that it’s about the little changes you make on a daily basis, that end up being the big changes.

Little by little our lives and relationships blossom. Minor things with the right kind of attention can become something you never would have expected them to.

I’ve just come back from Hillsong Colour Conference in Sydney, and I’m feeling so enlightened and encouraged. It’s amazing what a couple of days devoted to bettering your faith and being surrounded by inspirational women can do. If you haven’t been before, I would highly recommend going. It’s my second conference and I’m already signed up for my third next year! Woo bring it on.


Thought I’d share some nuggets of wisdom that I got out of the conference..

  • Marriage is a dance. And you just need to keep dancing when the music changes.
  • Don’t let roles define you. Or your relationships. Because roles change, and they can’t determine how your relationships work.
  • Speak up to your friends and be more purposeful in who you give your time to. Communicate your commitment to friendships.
  • Saying No is powerful.
  • Discover beauty in everyone. Even if we disagree with them.
  • Through relationships, God shows up and moves.
  • Stop drawing lines Jesus never drew
  • Jesus = your personal bravery

I could really just go on… So much goodness! It’s makes my soul smile.

“Get the best of evil by doing good.”

Arden and I are now in another interesting season in our life. We’ve been married for a year and a half and we just keep learning. About each other, about life, about God… I can’t say I’ve fully understood how things work yet, and I know I never will. It’s kind of scary.

Sometimes God throws interesting roadblocks in the way. Maybe roadblocks is the wrong word for it. New paths that weren’t previously around? Opportunities you didn’t expect. Worldly assignments that become Godly missions? I’m not sure yet. As you can see there are many questions in my head right now.

If only the right answer was clearer. I was talking to some girls about how sometimes God doesn’t give you a Yes or No answer. It’s more a movement in the day to day. What people say, what opportunities become present.. I feel like God is saying “just go with the wind.” Because he ultimately is the wind. And I trust his guidance.


Hope you’ve all been well, and are growing and full of joy.

(Remember choose Joy – it’s a decision, not a feeling)

Love A x





Lessons I Learnt In My 20’s (Part 1)

Wow how is it already December! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this year has slipped through the gaps of your fingers like sand. Eeeeeek. Nonetheless what a year it has been.

I feel like this year I have learnt a lot about myself and what really matters. And I mean the reeeeeeeal stuff. The stuff that often doesn’t get publicized on social media because perhaps it’s not hashtag worthy or trending? Or maybe because we are too in the moment enjoying ourselves we forget to capture it, and it’s kind of nice to keep some things private. 

Here are five key lessons I have learnt so far from my early twenties: 

1. It’s okay to say no to going out/ being with friends. It’s important to slow down and look after yourself. Understanding the value of exerting your time and energy on other people is priceless. Less is more. 

2. The big guys aren’t always right . I used to think the big people with more experience, status and fame were right and always knew what was best. Not entirely wrong but not entirely true. We are all human and we all make mistakes at the best of times. Speak up even if you’re the young one, or have less cred.

I’m never so sure as I was in my mid-20s. Meryl Streep

3. Happiness is shallow. The idea of being happy is overated. You are never going to be 100% happy all the time. It’s about a deep joy that extends beyond happiness. Because stuff happens and it’s okay to feel all sorts of emotions. Joy is key in these moments. 

4. Be unique not fake. Be weird not popular. The cool kids are overated. Seriously. Taylor Swift said it herself – Ha! Just do you. It’s pretty freaking awesome. 

5. Silence is a wise thing. Sometimes it’s just not worth it. Hold your tongue. Save your breath. Sometimes, most times, people need to make the decision or the mistake for themselves and learn from it. It will have much greater impact then creating a hissy fit about it. 


Love A x