Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Australia and grew up here, although both my parents are from Poland (Eastern Europe). I currently live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

2. How do you afford to travel so much? Is it your job?

No – travelling is not my job but I would love it to be! Currently this blog is a hobby. I have always been passionate about travel, writing, photography, personal style and sharing my own life experiences. I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot whether that be through family trips, trips with friends, my husband, competitions or saving up on going on exchange to London where I ventured around Europe for six months.

It’s hard to always have a fresh feed of the latest travel photos so sometimes you have to backtrack and find unpublished ones – still amazing nonetheless. I do like to try keep my feed and blog as fresh as possible with new travel photos.

3. Why did you get married so young?

I just did a huge post on this which you can find here. But in summary we loved each other, we were committed and marriage is so much fun so why not?!

4. Why do you blog?

I blog because otherwise I would go insane. The world is so beautiful & I am constantly learning about life & all that it offers so it only makes sense for me to have an avenue to share it all. I have always loved sharing my life adventures and stories with friends and family, alongside (as mentioned above) photography, travelling & writing (I literally have tens of journals at home).

I figured I might as well create a public space where I can share all these wonderful things whether they be photographs from my exploration of Cinque Terre village in Italy, writing travel tips, sharing my progress of planning a wedding at twenty years of age, revealing the magical underwater world of the Maldives and much much more.

5. Why Golden Hour Girl?

This links with the question above. For me Golden Hour Girl is about the most striking times of my life. In photography the best time to shoot is in the golden hours – sunset or sunrise (oh and I love capturing a good sunset/sunrise!). I relate this to my life and yours and how now and everyday you have the chance to create and live your dream life.

I am such a dreamer and I love seeing people be the best versions of themselves. Life is way too short to not live it 100% how you want. Throughout Golden Hour Girl I hope to encourage and inspire you to change your perspective & have fun and do what you love in life. For me I am passionate about travel, writing and my personal style and that’s what you will get on Golden Hour Girl. You can read more about it here.

Golden Hour Girl loves: sunset, sunrise, the ocean, fashion, swimmers, Australian brands, traveling, Europe, keeping fit, pushing yourself, writing, photography & helping people.


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