Our wedding day was an absolute dream. Arden and I got married on the 11th October 2014 on a  sunny and warm spring day on Sydney’s Northern Beaches…

From the moment we had our first date at Max Brenner I knew Arden was the one. So did my mum. My parents were quite shocked when Arden asked for their approval, but in their words “we knew it would happen one day, just not this soon.” I am so glad we got married young.

The ten months leading up to the big day were a roller coaster. We both had crazy schedules mixed with work, finishing studies, planning our honeymoon and trying to find a place to live. But we did it. And it all was worth it on the 11th October 2014 when we got married on a perfect spring day at St Swithuns Anglican Church, Pymble.

Our wedding day was peaceful. Not many brides can say that. Aside from waking up at 5:50am with a couple of butterflies, I can honestly say out of the 10 months spent planning our wedding, the wedding day itself was one of the most peaceful. I spoke to my husband (fiancé then) in the morning of our wedding day. The excitement in his voice made me feel so excited. He said our word of the day would be fun. And fun it was. A dream day I could never imagine being so perfect.





You can see/read more about it here:

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