Last Days Of Autumn

We are currently in the midst of winter in Sydney. Looking back on these photos I shot with my friend Grant ( makes Autumn feel like a long time ago. We did this shoot on a Sunday afternoon at sunset, at one of my favourite beaches nearby home.

I love how Grant captured everything in these photos – the frothy sea, the sky turning purple, the warmth of the sun, the soft sand…

Looking forward to Spring and longer days in the sun!















Jeans from The Iconic

Hat from Sportsgirl

Top from Bardot

What’s your favourite season?

Love A x

Why The Ocean Is Good For You


I feel so lucky to live in Australia. I have been to my fair share of oceanside hot spots around the world and I always come back home feeling so appreciative of the natural beauty of Australia. We have countless beaches with the softest sand, widest array of sea creatures and beautiful clear waters. It really is a spectacle.

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Minimalist Home Decor


Hi to my lovely followers! Hope you are all well. Just a quick one from me today. I’ve decided to share some of my favourite looks when styling your home space (considering we just started moving into our beachside apartment!). My style is quite contemporary, features a lot of neutrals and is minimalist and beach inspired. Let me know what your favourite style is!

My favourite elements of interior design from these images are:

  • Lots of natural light
  • Timber and natural fibres
  • Stripes
  • Greenery mixed with whites

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I was recently surprised at the beautiful range of home decor and furniture available from Freedom Furniture. I think their brand image has changed from what it used to be. See their collection here for some home inspiration: Spring/Summer Catalogue

Love xx

Eastern Point

Over the winter uni break I travelled nine hours north of Sydney to the eastern most point of Australia – Byron Bay. I think this town is a beautiful example of what Australia is about. It is relaxed, slow going, surrounded by nature as well as wallabies, whales and wide cliff faces. Alongside the diverse range of cafes and restaurants in the town, you can kayak with dolphins, surf, walk up to lighthouse, ride bikes and have bon fires on the beach.


It is a popular spot in the summertime for many city consumed people. It is a place where you can really unwind and open yourself to the possibilities of relaxation and days where you have time to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Here are some of my snaps from my weekend away in Byron Bay (and a few cheeky ones from not so far away Queensland!) Don’t be afraid to drop a line if you are planning on visiting sometime!

IMG_9635Sunset bike rides on the tracks



IMG_9610Happiness in Byron

IMG_9639Three scoops please

IMG_9642The most delightful porridge

IMG_9649The walk up to Cape Byron

IMG_9653Nothing but nature here

IMG_9655Panorama walking up to the Lighthouse

IMG_9717Sunset in the Alley

IMG_9682Warm winter waters



And this is where we stayed whilst in Byron, in a turquoise shack!

Love xx