Sunsets & Seagulls

This had to have been one of the best summer evenings I've had in a while. The air was warm, the sun was up until half past 8, and the water was just right. It really doesn't get much better than that. Travelling to various cities around the world I've realised just how unique and … Continue reading Sunsets & Seagulls

Dazy Dreams w/ JETS Swimwear

This shoot has so far been one of my favourites. The past 3 Sundays in Sydney have been rained out and this was the first one where we got some sunshine and blue skies. I've really been looking forward to shooting this beautiful swimwear from Jets designed by Jessika Allen. From the moment I saw … Continue reading Dazy Dreams w/ JETS Swimwear


If you haven't already figured it out- I am a beach girl. I love everything about the beach. I love the tingle of the cool and salty sea breeze on my skin. I love a warm sun kissed glow. I love the sand rubbed on my skin and throughout my beachy hair which goldens up … Continue reading THAT SUMMER FEELIN’

At Dusk

Last Sunday I had the privilege of doing a sunrise shoot with two very talented people- my boyfriend Arden and his good friend and photographer Chris Prestidge. From the moment Arden showed me Chris' photos I was hooked. The way Chris is able to capture sincere and emotive moments combined with the incredible effect of … Continue reading At Dusk