Little Secrets on Hawaii

Hello and Happy New Year! I was reviewing some of my older posts and you guys seemed to love Little Secrets on Italy. I wrote it over 5 years ago after travelling Cinque Terre, Positano and Rome. I travelled to Hawaii a couple months ago in Oct/Nov with Arden and my parents and we had … Continue reading Little Secrets on Hawaii

Top 9 Travel Destinations for 2019

I don't know about you when it starts to get to the end of the year my mind goes into overdrive about travel plans for the next year. I've been frantically researching and reading into travel destinations and trends for 2019 for a month or so now and think I have a good idea about … Continue reading Top 9 Travel Destinations for 2019

Memories from Paris

I must say I do love Facebook memories and all the highlights from years gone by that come to surface. On Valentines Day in 2013, 5 years ago, I visited Paris with my 2 London gal pals Bec and Neelam. At the time we were all on exchange studying at Roehampton University in London for … Continue reading Memories from Paris


If you haven't already figured it out- I am a beach girl. I love everything about the beach. I love the tingle of the cool and salty sea breeze on my skin. I love a warm sun kissed glow. I love the sand rubbed on my skin and throughout my beachy hair which goldens up … Continue reading THAT SUMMER FEELIN’

Birthday at Balmoral

At the end of August I turned 20 and what a lovely day it was! Since I am currently Sydney bound, the end of August here signalled the end of winter and you could definitely feel it throughout the day. The sun was shining, the water was sparkling and I was just happy that I … Continue reading Birthday at Balmoral

Oceans & Wind // Leather & Fur

This shoot I did last week with the help of the lovely Mexican sisters Amanda and Cynthia (over at was definitely one of the most difficult ones. In the middle of the Aussie winter, we made our way down to Bondi beach and were greeted with a roaring ocean of choppy waves, a beach … Continue reading Oceans & Wind // Leather & Fur