Realise How Perfect Today Is

Just stop for a second. Are you like me and constantly dreaming about the future? Constantly wanting to be at the next best thing? Constantly dreaming for bigger and better? Feeling irritated? Then you might be a victim of unknowingly reducing your happiness. But why? Isn't dreaming meant to make you excited for future things … Continue reading Realise How Perfect Today Is

The Importance of Being “Hobbified”

Hobbified: my new term to describe the act, or mental state of having lesiure and casual activities that fill in the spare time between the necessities of life (i.e. work, studies, eating, and sleep) and the extreme circumstances in life (l.o.v.e) A recent topic of conversation with my boyfriend and friends has been the importance for partners … Continue reading The Importance of Being “Hobbified”

Where’s Your Head At?

This week has no doubt been one of the most influential in shaping my everyday perspective. Which has been hard to wrap my head around but I absolutely love because it is a key reason I came here. Ive definitely learnt a lot and I wouldn’t change it for anything. This week has showed me … Continue reading Where’s Your Head At?

By Snow & Snow

I am absolutely in love with Richmond Park! It is exactly what I dreamed European parks to be like- with the lakes, the bridges, the grassy fields, the deer... Every time I go there, I feel like I enter this world where everything stops and I can clear my head and sort my thoughts out. … Continue reading By Snow & Snow