Travel Diary: Summer in Greece

It feels like everyone is in Greece at the moment and I'm getting major travel envy! I stumbled upon this post I wrote from our time in Greece in 2013, and wanted to re-share it with you. It features photos and travel tips from our time exploring Crete, Santorini and Athens. I can't wait to … Continue reading Travel Diary: Summer in Greece

Lessons I’ve Learned from Countries I’ve Travelled

The other day I was driving home from work and as I sat in traffic with the sun ducking behind¬†the hills I started thinking about just how much travel has taught me over the years.¬†Whether it's an eye opening revelation, a small glimpse into the lives of others, or a realisation of how grateful I … Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned from Countries I’ve Travelled

3 Months On.. But It Feels Like A Lifetime!

No doubt the strangest feeling is looking back on a memory or past experience and trying to figure out how exactly it fit into your life. Did it ever really happen? How can something so unbelievably amazing and life changing have been a part of your life? Yep- so that's where my head is currently … Continue reading 3 Months On.. But It Feels Like A Lifetime!

Greece Photo Diary (Part 2)

From Crete to Santorini to Athens, Greece proved to offer so much more then what we expected. I still find it so incredible that places like this still exist. Arden and I only had time to visit three of the islands of Greece, but our trip was based on the idea "less is more". If … Continue reading Greece Photo Diary (Part 2)

Greece Photo Diary: Part 1

A couple weeks on since I have returned from my European adventure and the magic of the experience is still with me. Looking over these photos from the context of my home, I am even more amazed at the unique landscapes and horizons on offer throughout Europe. These are a few of my favourite shots … Continue reading Greece Photo Diary: Part 1

A Donkey’s Tale

Greece is definitely a place everyone must visit sometime in their lives. It's a place that has more islands then I could ever count. Better food then anything I've ever tasted. Sunsets you will never see anywhere else. Water as blue as the sky everyday. Clouds which are non existent. Cheerful, singing and dancing souls … Continue reading A Donkey’s Tale