Hamilton by Air

What a week! I'm not really sure where to start. Hamilton Island trampled┬ámy expectations. I think that I went into this trip with not low expectations but rather not as many as I usually would have for an island getaway. I have travelled to my fair share of beach and coastal locations around the world … Continue reading Hamilton by Air

Why Hamilton Island is Paradise

Hey - thought I'd check in from paradise! We arrived on Hamilton Island on Monday and are leaving on Sunday. I have definitely loved being here the whole week & not feeling rushed. We have had a lot of cool experiences so far & have gone by the motto less is more. I'm looking forward … Continue reading Why Hamilton Island is Paradise

Travel Destination: Hamilton Island

Today is the day! Arden and I are heading off to Hamilton Island today. Hamilton Island is one of the islands part of the Whitsundays in Queensland, Australia. Can't wait to share all our photos, travel trips and adventures with you. For more instant photos and feed follow me on Instagram @goldenhourgirl (www.instagram.com/goldenhourgirl) Love A … Continue reading Travel Destination: Hamilton Island