Realise How Perfect Today Is

Just stop for a second. Are you like me and constantly dreaming about the future? Constantly wanting to be at the next best thing? Constantly dreaming for bigger and better? Feeling irritated? Then you might be a victim of unknowingly reducing your happiness. But why? Isn't dreaming meant to make you excited for future things … Continue reading Realise How Perfect Today Is

2 Years With My Blog

I was thinking about it the other day. How long has my blog existed? Well - WordPress quickly solved that problem after sending me an online achievement medal for launching my blog 2 years ago! Wow!  2 years… I remember - it was my first year of uni, about week 8 of the first semester. … Continue reading 2 Years With My Blog

How To Have A Life Aside Work and Study

I've recently started a job which requires me to work 3 full days. But of course considering Sydney's layout and traffic it ends up consuming a 7am-7pm frame. On my two other days in the week I am at university (studying full time) frantically trying to catch up on missed lectures, tutorial homework, assignments la … Continue reading How To Have A Life Aside Work and Study

Change Your World- It’s Your Attitude Not Your Circumstances

All I want to do is write, write, write right now! I have been so encouraged today by some of my followers sending me the sweetest most inspiring emails. I treasure every comment, every word because we are all human and as the quote says "we all cry, smile, laugh, hurt.."I have never thought that … Continue reading Change Your World- It’s Your Attitude Not Your Circumstances

Love it or Leave it

I've had so much on my mind in the past few days and I've been home now for a month since being away for 6. And it's been such an emotional roller coaster! Anyone who comes home after a decent amount of time away will understand the various emotions you go through- two predominantly. Conflicting … Continue reading Love it or Leave it