Dreamers Like Me

I love finding like-minded people. People with the same passion, ideas and heart as me. Those who live for a satisfying and passionate life. I don’t often stumble across blogs that so deeply resonate with me but this blog really caught my attention. It’s called Infinite Satori and as Stephanie, the blogger, states "I’m a … Continue reading Dreamers Like Me

Getting Back To Work After The Holidays

So you have just had a superb holiday- the one you had been counting down to for weeks. You laughed a lot, ate and drank many delicious treats, caught up with some sunshine and more importantly caught up with life and the people in it. But for many the holidays are either over or coming … Continue reading Getting Back To Work After The Holidays

Embrace The Moment: 2013 Highlights

So it’s almost the end of the year with New Years celebrations just around the corner! And what a year it has been! I want to wrap up this year with a post reflecting on the journey I have been on that many of you have joined along the way. On the first day of … Continue reading Embrace The Moment: 2013 Highlights

Why Many New Years Resolutions Fail

Every year a lot of people get with a group of friends or their partner and address their resolutions. Resolutions for the New Year- what they hope to change, dreams they wish to achieve and goals they want to kick before the year ends. We all see the New Year as the perfect occasion to … Continue reading Why Many New Years Resolutions Fail

Give Yourself A Reality Check This Christmas

Why do we stress so much? Why do we let ourselves worry so much about the little things? This year has made me realize how fragile life is- I’ve heard of many deaths and illnesses and I’m still so young. It makes you realize how silly it is to petty over all the things we … Continue reading Give Yourself A Reality Check This Christmas

Changing Lanes in Traffic

The other day I was driving to work. There were 3 lanes. I was on the furthest left lane but noticed the middle lane was moving faster so I eventually swerved over. I kept changing lanes trying to get in the faster lane and even though I thought this would help me get to the … Continue reading Changing Lanes in Traffic