Travel Diary: Summer in Greece

It feels like everyone is in Greece at the moment and I'm getting major travel envy! I stumbled upon this post I wrote from our time in Greece in 2013, and wanted to re-share it with you. It features photos and travel tips from our time exploring Crete, Santorini and Athens. I can't wait to … Continue reading Travel Diary: Summer in Greece

Spring in Sydney

Spring is my favourite time of the year in Sydney. The days get longer, the air turns warmer and everyone starts to get that holiday vibe...

Spring has finally arrived in Sydney and oh boy it is so lovely! You can honestly feel the difference straight away. The air is slightly warmer, the sun lingers for longer and there are more people showing their faces to the sun. Spring is my favourite time of the year - how can it not … Continue reading Spring in Sydney

A Heart For Travel

This Good Friday morning I've spent some much needed downtime in bed with hubby and have been reading and reflecting on the past couple of years. The adventures we have been on, places we've explored and things we've learnt. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite travel snaps I have dug … Continue reading A Heart For Travel

An Everyday Kind Of Bravery

It's funny how life passes by. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. I've learnt that it's about the little changes you make on a daily basis, that end up being the big changes. Little by little our lives and relationships blossom. Minor things with the right kind of attention can become something you never would have expected … Continue reading An Everyday Kind Of Bravery

Lessons I Learnt In My 20’s (Part 1)

   Wow how is it already December! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this year has slipped through the gaps of your fingers like sand. Eeeeeek. Nonetheless what a year it has been. I feel like this year I have learnt a lot about myself and what really matters. And I … Continue reading Lessons I Learnt In My 20’s (Part 1)