Why The Ocean Is Good For You

I feel so lucky to live in Australia. I have been to my fair share of oceanside hot spots around the world and I always come back home feeling so appreciative of the natural beauty of Australia. We have countless beaches with the softest sand, widest array of sea creatures and beautiful clear waters. It … Continue reading Why The Ocean Is Good For You

Our First Home

Living out of home with my husband has been everything I could have wanted it to be and more. We have now been living in our beach side apartment in Sydney for four months and have been happily married for five months. Wow does time fly! In the lead up to our wedding on the … Continue reading Our First Home

Starting a Life Together

**Before¬†I start I just wanted to say sorry there hasn't been much travel content on here!! Obviously travel is a key part of Golden Hour Girl and is something I love with a passion, especially documenting and writing about it.¬†Saving for the wedding has meant travelling has been put on hold (which is good and … Continue reading Starting a Life Together

Ten Confessions of a 20 year old Bride-to-be

It is two months today until I get married! The past eight months have been an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs. Getting married is an experience that makes you deeply think about yourself, your partner, your family, your friends and where your life is heading. I feel so much better when I get things … Continue reading Ten Confessions of a 20 year old Bride-to-be

Midweek Inspiration

I've had a lot of time recently to really think about my life and what I am doing and more importantly, where it's leading me to. The past semester was insane, so much so that I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing, I was just moving from one thing to the next. It … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration