England’s Best Kept Secret

No doubt the best thing about traveling is the thrill of finding new hidden places. This week, my friend and I decided to create our own little adventure and go for a road trip on England's South Coast, driving from Southampton out west to Lulworth Cove. And what a day we had! The night before … Continue reading England’s Best Kept Secret

London to Spain to… WORLD TOUR!

I just cannot get my head around how blessed the past 5 months of my life have been! If you had told me about all the things that have happened a year ago, I probably would have become very angry at you for lying to me and giving me false hope. I am so so … Continue reading London to Spain to… WORLD TOUR!

The Importance of Being “Hobbified”

Hobbified: my new term to describe the act, or mental state of having lesiure and casual activities that fill in the spare time between the necessities of life (i.e. work, studies, eating, and sleep) and the extreme circumstances in life (l.o.v.e) A recent topic of conversation with my boyfriend and friends has been the importance for partners … Continue reading The Importance of Being “Hobbified”

“Mum, I’m Not At War.”

Being away from home can be a crazy time. A crazy time for your parents that is. The other day my friend from my flat and I were joking about some of the funny things our parents have done whilst we have been away on the other side of the world- the late night texts … Continue reading “Mum, I’m Not At War.”

Where’s Your Head At?

This week has no doubt been one of the most influential in shaping my everyday perspective. Which has been hard to wrap my head around but I absolutely love because it is a key reason I came here. Ive definitely learnt a lot and I wouldn’t change it for anything. This week has showed me … Continue reading Where’s Your Head At?