2 Years With My Blog

I was thinking about it the other day. How long has my blog existed? Well – WordPress quickly solved that problem after sending me an online achievement medal for launching my blog 2 years ago! Wow! 

2 years… I remember – it was my first year of uni, about week 8 of the first semester. I had all these journals piled up by the side of my bed with bits of paper, words of inspiration and ripped pages out of magazines hanging from them. I thought to myself:

1) Wow – I either have a lot of feelings or a lot of cool experiences and life moments

2) I really need to stop buying journals and find a quicker and cheaper way to store all my information and writing

3) I wonder if anyone will be interested in what life has taught me and join me on my journey

I took a chance, barely knowing what a blog was or how to create one and started this very blog you are reading right now! I see a lot of people blogging these days and it’s cool! It’s become a career now for many people! In my current job now (the paid one i.e. not this blog) I actually get to speak and work with a couple of bloggers which is lovely to be able to have that experience of being on the other side.

But I have noticed a few things. I guess some people take advantage of companies who don’t know how to use bloggers efficiently so that they themselves can make money from it through high advertisings costs and “sponsored posts” on their pages. Not everyone, but some. And some blogs have lost the two things that make up what blogging is:

1) A passion so deep inside of you that you can’t help but spread the word whether it be to 5 people of to 5000!

2) Being honest.

And that’s what my blog has, is and always will be.

For me – it’s an escape. It’s something that I wish I could do everyday, and maybe I will one day, but for now it’s balanced between all my other life commitments. One thing thing that keeps me going is the feedback I get from people all over the world about how this blog has inspired them to try harder in life, do things differently to their friends and to see the world!

And how happy that makes me!

I look forward to continually sharing what life has taught me, what is currently on my mind and the beautiful places I have travelled to.

And it doesn’t bother me one bit that I struggle to find time to blog. All the other stuff happening in my life teaches me so much more then I could have imagined sitting in my room all day and just writing. The craziness of life brings me the ideas for my posts!

Like for example today. It taught me to always, always be yourself. Even when it feels like it’s the wrong thing to do. Don’t let the world punish you for what makes you see the best in life and people.


Ps: I’m getting married in five months (seriously)… does anyone what to hear about what it’s like being a 20 year old bride-to-be? (haha)

Pps: Exactly one year ago I was in…






London – I will be back!

Give Yourself A Reality Check This Christmas

Why do we stress so much? Why do we let ourselves worry so much about the little things? This year has made me realize how fragile life is- I’ve heard of many deaths and illnesses and I’m still so young. It makes you realize how silly it is to petty over all the things we do.

This festive season don’t let stress or work take over your life. Take a break and relax and give attention to the people in your world. As the quote says “No one looked back on their life wishing they spent more time at work.”

For me Christmas is a time to celebrate the year- look back and pick up on all the little things that made you happy. It’s a time to celebrate with your loved ones, family and friends, to all be in the same place at the same time and to be able to share stories and laugh and enjoy each others company.

Let’s not get caught up on things that in a bigger perspective don’t even matter. Stress less- about Christmas presents, work, about organising Christmas parties, New Year plans, plans for 2014.. Let’s start the New Year with a brighter perspective, with dreams and ambitions but above all a relaxed and refreshed you. Let life take you on a journey and stop trying to force your way through- if it’s meant to happen it will.


Why I Like My Life Busy

A lot of people like to take it slow. They enjoy having activities and events spread out and be able to lounge and relax. But for me, I struggle to be able to relax when I actually have free time. Going from being busy to having free hours in the day- you start to worry and think should I be doing something?

I’ve compiled a list for reasons I like my life busy.

1. You get more things done! Funnily enough the less time you have, the more you actually accomplish because you don’t procrastinate.

2. You don’t take things for granted- You realise how nice it is to be able to have a slow breakfast or sleep in that extra bit longer when you are busy throughout the day. You tend to grow an appreciation for all the little things in life from coffee dates to being able to pamper yourself.

3. You cut out the junk from your life– More time for real friends and real passions. You no longer have time for just anyone or anything.

4. You are motivated and driven to get started with your day.

5. Better time management- I know that I can plan and organise things better when I actually know what is going to happen throughout the day.

6. You feel better- Personally I can start to feel a bit down if i’m just lounging around at home all day and not accomplishing much. A busy life gives me adrenaline!

7. You keep persevering and dreaming- I think that above all when you have a busy life you realise that you are actually capable of so much more then you would have thought!

So how about you? Do you like your life slow or fast paced?

6 Ways To Reach Your Dreams (when no one else is dreaming with you)

Iphone until 4.7.13 1558

I have all these dreams and aspirations. But I don’t know what to do with myself or where to start. I read through magazines and books and photography and am constantly inspired. I hear of people’s exciting and adventurous lives- their successes. How they turned their dreams into reality. I’m inspired and driven and always searching for bigger and better things…

Sound familiar?

You wake up excited for the adventures of the day to come. You dream BIG but not always practical. You hold great visions but aren’t exactly sure of how to get there. You have an amazing vision for your life and Pinterest soon becomes your best friend with its inspirational imagery and quotes. You can’t understand people who settle for the ordinary and limit themselves in life because it’s easier and safer.

You are daring and have the energy and motivation to stand out from the crowd and do what you are really passionate about. You don’t need the support of others to tell you what you are doing is right because you already know it is. You’re young yet sometimes you feel a lot older then your friends. Your mind is in ten places at once. You are exciting, educated, visual, passionate, energised and you DREAM.

I guess if you’ve read up to here then you are like me- a dreamer! But it can be hard when the people around you don’t have the same big vision for their lives. I’ve learnt that it’s attitude not circumstances that makes a successful person. Here are my 6 tips on keeping your dreams alive and above all- your heart and head inspired and moving closer towards making your life dreams come true.

1. Keep inspired and motivated. Create a dream board, read a lot, talk to people, seek mentors- if you cannot keep yourself motivated your dreams will die out.

2. Write down and plan your goals. A recent study at Harvard showed that only 3% of MBA students had clear, written down goals. That 3% on average were earning 10 times more than the 97% without written down goals! (Book by Mark McCormack- What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard) We need goals to feel productive and motivated- and to help us feel like we are moving in the right direction.

3. Start something.. Anything. Any step is better then remaining stagnant. Even if it’s a step in the wrong direction, you’ll learn what your true passions are and will be inspired to move to a better place.

4. Realise the world is in your reach. It’s not impossible to get in contact with the big people or businesses. After all we are all human and tend to have an email, an address or a mobile number. Just do some research! Email that company you are interested in working with. Call up that person you want to be your mentor. People are often willing to help and will recognise your passion.

5. Don’t Stop. For me, the day I stop dreaming and being passionate about the things in my life is the day I die. Maybe not physically but dead in terms of the person I am and really living.

6. Embrace change. Accept it and seek it. Try new things. Change things in your life (e.g. your room set up, job, friends..) Dreamers always seek something new and mind provoking. Change can be the very thing that takes you from nowhere to everywhere.

So what are your dreams?

Golden Hour Girl: I want to motivate and inspire people. To do what is good, passionate and true to themselves. I want people to realise that now is their moment and you are never too young to do BIG things. I want to help spread wisdom and help people live fulfilling and satisfying lives. I want people to know that money is not everything, but a means. Jobs are great but there is nothing like family and friends. I want people to realise life is what you make it and you should live everyday excited and filled. I want to open minds and eyes to the beauty of the world and the life lessons I have come across. 


How To Have A Life Aside Work and Study

I’ve recently started a job which requires me to work 3 full days. But of course considering Sydney’s layout and traffic it ends up consuming a 7am-7pm frame. On my two other days in the week I am at university (studying full time) frantically trying to catch up on missed lectures, tutorial homework, assignments la la la.

So I’ve had to come to terms with it- life is busy. But apparently life just keeps on getting busier which made me start to get a little upset. I already can see how I have less and less time for friends, those random coffee catch ups and everyday things I love. I can’t always go out to dinner or see friends on weeknights as sometimes I get home late, have work to do or am frankly just too buggered. The weeknights have never been so important to me and I finally see how working hard, playing hard is the way to do it.

But I don’t want to be waiting around for the weekend all the time to enjoy myself and see friends and have time to do the things I really love. So I’ve come to a few conclusions on how to incorporate life and love my life everyday (even those days that start at 6am and end at 1030pm.

1) Let your work become your lifestyle– If you hate your job, im sorry to say but you are probably going to start hating on your life. I’m not saying everyday has to be the most exciting thing ever but its important to feel positive and see the value in working so hard throughout the week. Your job should be a reflection of your purpose and passions in life. If its not then arent you just wasting 40+ hours a week?

2) Organize fun activities and social things throughout the week– It can be hard but sometimes that dinner with your partner or a good friend in the middle of the week is just what you need to balance work and play

3) Make the most of your mornings– For my partner its about physical activity whether it be running or surfing before work. For me its stimulating my creative mind however I want in the ways of blogging, reading or storming through Pinterest and listening to music on my way to work

4) Use your lunch breaks wisely– Ask your work colleague to go to the local park for a chat and lunch- you’ll almost always learn something new about your job or business and rapport is so important in improving the quality of your job

5) Vary up your routines– Whether it be what you eat or drink in the morning, how you get to work, what you wear, your work hours- change things up! Make life exciting in the little things everyday. For me I try to wear something bright and different everyday, vary my make up for a different look and take different routes to work (yesterday I took the ferry home and got to enjoy a sunset Harbour view- what a treat!)

6) Maximize your weekends- Me and my group of friends have always been for early Saturday mornings- get started! I tend to start my weekend with some Pilates, followed by family time then heading over to the beaches for anything ranging from hiking to beach time to just hanging with friends.

7) Always be positive and optimistic- Don’t winge and weep- If you’re not happy about a job or a lifestyle- change it! You are in control of your life and you only live once so do it well!

Let your job and study or whatever it is you do through the week be a part of your exciting and passionate lifestyle. Everything has pro’s and con’s to it but it’s up to you to choose which you focus on. Take charge and live the life you want- everyday!

Thought for the day: