How To Become A Morning Person

I've never really been a morning person, until I had to┬álearn to become one due to work and university commitments. And the fact that if you want to get things done usually the mornings are the time to do it (or get started). I started to┬árealise the beauty and benefits of the morning after I … Continue reading How To Become A Morning Person

Last days in London

Unfortunately my time in London is wrapping up! 5 months flew by but I loved every second of it. Okay, no there were definitely times when I wanted to be home, I couldnt handle the weather ra ra ra but overall I LOVED the thrill of London Town. This Thursday my boyfriend from Australia will … Continue reading Last days in London

By Snow & Snow

I am absolutely in love with Richmond Park! It is exactly what I dreamed European parks to be like- with the lakes, the bridges, the grassy fields, the deer... Every time I go there, I feel like I enter this world where everything stops and I can clear my head and sort my thoughts out. … Continue reading By Snow & Snow