Hamilton Island Top Moments

I feel so inspired about travel writing and photography after returning from our week trip to Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. It’s autumn in Australia but the weather at Hamilton was 30 degrees all week and very humid.

It really is a picture perfect paradise with a variety of activities, scenes and wildlife. Here are some of my top shots to prove it. Enjoy!

Ps.. My new motto – Life is not about pretty pictures, but rather pretty and memorable moments.

Love A x


Memories of Thailand


I was watching The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio last night which is a movie where in short DiCaprio ventures with a French couple to The Beach – which is a hidden island in Thailand near Koh Samui. Looking at all the beautiful cinematography reminded me of my visit to Thailand a couple of years back. Here are some of my photos from the gorgeous Phi Phi Island – just a short boat trip from Phuket.

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Cocoa Island Tour


My favourite thing about traveling is experiencing new cultures and ways of life. The Maldives provided nothing short of resorts and hotels that really allowed their guests to experience the Maldivian Island lifestyle. Cocoa Island is a resort only a forty minute speed boat trip from the capital Male. It is the sister island to Maalifushi, and although it isn’t as new as Maalifushi, it is still one amazing island.

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Are You A Creative Type?

Everyday I love to learn something new about people and the world around me. I am currently in the process of finishing my degree and listened to an insightful lecture yesterday. As I work in and am passionate about the creative industries, this one hit home for me. It asked what makes a creative individual. From the points below I was surprised to learn that we all have the capacity to be creative and that creativity isn’t just something that some people are born with.

So did you know…

  • Creativity comes from several sources, not just the genius of one person
  • Creativity often comes from the environment around you, rather than people ‘thinking’ more creatively
  • Creativity isn’t just a light bulb revelation moment, but years of hard work

And I can see how relevant this is based on all the creative types I admire (like my favourite bloggers Tuula and Sincerely Jules)

So are you a creative person? Because we all have the capacity to be one. Creative types are:

  • A combination of smart and naive: bounce around with different ideas, even if they are off field
  • Playful and disciplined
  • Introvert and extrovert: depending on the situation
  • Alternate between fantasy and reality
  • Passionate yet objective: you can stick to an idea but ditch it if it’s not working


Love xx

Maalifushi Island Tour


Towards the end of our stay on the first island, Maalifushi by Como in the Maldives, we spent the morning photographing around the island. Maalifushi, approximately 800 metres long, consists of various styles of accommodation including over the water bungalows and beach and garden suites. I think the best asset of this island is that every guest gets their own private pool with their accommodation. How awesome is that!

Another great thing about staying on this island is that once you’re on, everything is there for you to enjoy – free of charge! (mostly!) You can hire catamarans, paddle boards, kayaks, bikes… all for free! They have complimentary snorkelling tours around the island reefs, volleyball games for guests as well as complimentary yoga classes at 4pm each day in the Como Shambala spa.

There are a few extras you can choose to pay for – for example we did a snorkelling trip with turtles and manta rays and my husband went out surfing on an amazing reef break 30mins away from the island. Prices range from 40-250 US dollars. There is also an incredible spa there where we booked multiple massages (Indian, traditional Maldivian) and facials. The spa also has separate men and women’s sauna’s and steam rooms and there is also a gym.

On top of all this the island includes two restaurants – serving a variety of food, although mainly seafood, Japanese and Indian inspired. There is also a pizza bar with a stone oven. And service is fantastic! They have a ratio of 3 employees to every guest so you can imagine how great it is. For example I was sitting around the pool and as I bit into my apple it fell out of my hand – and within a second someone was there to pick it up! Around the pool area they also serve complimentary water, fruit and towels.

I really have nothing bad to say about this island. Everything is brand new being only one year old! The rooms are fantastic featuring outdoor and monsoon showers and large jacuzzi like baths. They are very spacious and let in lots of natural light. The water around the island is so warm and clear, I’ve never seen anything like it. And the variety of fish and coral you get to see is incredible.

We visited the island for five nights in October and I think it was the perfect amount of time to stay. It’s a good amount of time to slow down, unwind and get through some activities (they give you an activity sheet upon arrival so you can plan out how to spend your time there). The only thing I would say is to not spend much longer on the same island as you can get island fever – especially if you are used to big cities! The weather was 30 degrees everyday mostly sunny, only raining one afternoon for a couple of hours. You can sometimes see dark storm clouds on the horizon, but that’s expected when you’re on the tropics.

Overall amazing accommodation, service, beautiful people and food, and stunning plants, animals and sea life. I would love to visit again! Enjoy these photographs x

IMG_6870Infinity pool upon arrival with comfy lounges



IMG_6879Seaplane jetty


IMG_6889Find your comfy spot




IMG_6920Stairway to heaven

IMG_6927Swings everywhere!

IMG_6917One of the private guest pools

IMG_6926Love xx