Hong Kong Travel Guide 

I didn’t think I could fall in love with a city as much as I did with Hong Kong. This travel destination had been on my radar for a while & I could not have been happier with my 5 day stay there.

If you are following along on Instagram & Snapchat you would have seen all the snaps from my recent trip to Hong Kong. HK is a beautiful city that was a former British colony, which helps explain the strong Euro and Western influences. It is located in Southeastern China (not the capital of China!) and is famous for its skyscrapers, Harbour skyline, food scene and the chaotic Temple Street night markets.

“Travel in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders.”

Hong Kong is approximately a 3.5hour flight from Singapore so it’s easily accessible from anywhere in South East Asia. We flew with United Airlines and were very happy with our journey with them. Sometimes flights overbook and we struggled to find a seat on the plane, but after a quick phone call to United they were happy to accommodate us and fit us in with a complimentary upgrade to Premium Economy.

We stayed at the Langham hotel in Kowloon which was the best choice. I cannot commend this hotel enough! Everything was perfect and they really took customer service to the next level. Henry at the reception desk took very good care of us throughout our stay with a generous room upgrade including the best breakfast buffet I have ever had. Henry even gifted us a Langham teddy bear when we checked out, and always made sure we felt right at home.

Pay the extra and stay there. It’s worth every cent! (Book here) The location in Kowloon is also ideal as it’s central to seeing everything, and it is easy to get to Hong Kong island on the Star Ferry. It costs 80 cents and is an 8 minute ferry ride over.


  • Victoria Peak.

Get the ferry over to HK Island and then either the tram or a taxi up to the Peak. Do the circle trail around the peak for the best views over Hong Kong.

  • Tian Tan Buddha (also know as Big Buddha).

I wasn’t 100% sure about visiting this 35m striking monument but I’m so glad we did. You can either get a bus or the Ngong Ping cable car to the top of Lantau Island. Also it’s quite easy to get to – for some reason people told me it would take a day to get here. Not true. You can hop on the train and make your way there within 2 hours.

  • Hong Kong Flower Markets.

Boy, am I glad I discovered this place. I actually found out about the Prince Edward Flower Markets through the blogs Tuulavintage and APairAndASpare. The bustling open air market is best visited in the morning when all the fresh flowers are put out. I couldn’t believe just how perfect all the roses were.

  • Stanley Beach, HK Island.

I was very surprised to find out that Hong Kong has it’s very own beaches. Most of the beaches are located on the southern side of HK island. There’s serveral buses which can take you to the different coastal towns. It really is a unique sight to see and I loved seeing all the quaint shops, markets and even some seaside temples.

  • Wandering around HK.

One of my favourite things about traveling is wandering around a new city and exploring all the hidden alleyways and nooks where the locals retreat. HK island was especially good for this and we found local tea shops, dim sum houses and of course traditional jade and fabric markets. As much as it’s nice to see the big touristy attractions there’s something special about making a trip your own, and not even knowing where you have ended up.

Drinks at the Ritz Carlton Ozone bar 100 floors up

The bustling streets of Kowloon / Temple Street markets

Vibrant buildings on HK island

The Star Ferry over to HK Island

HUTONGS. Just trust me. Book a table here. The food and views are mesmerising.

Teakha – this tea house was perfect relief from the heat and walking, wproviding coconut cakes, green tea cheesecakes and home brewed teas.

My gorgeous travel partner Nicole.

Please share your favourite Hong Kong places. Would love to hear!

Wearing blue denim dress by The Iconic, floral playsuit from MNG, sequin top from Selfridges, black scrappy heels from Senso, orange knot top from Kookai.

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From Sydney to Singapore

It’s already been one month since I left Sydney to live in Singapore. I’ll be here for a total of two months working at our partner company in the telecommunications industry. It’s been an incredible opportunity being an expat and living + working abroad, and I see it as the next chapter following my six month stint in London.

Singapore is a beautiful and clean country often described as a city in a garden. It was originally coined as a garden in a city but the island has taken control and you can’t help but notice all the lush greenery surrounding you on all sides of this small yet captivating country.

It baffles me just how different Singapore is to the rest of Asia. I’ve nicknamed it the New York of Asia, which can be easily attributed to main midtown and downtown areas, consumerism, tall skyscrapers, yellow cabs, city slickers and all week buzz.

There are definitely moments, just like in NYC, when you need to escape the city heat and crowds and take some time out to reenergise. Luckily Singapore has a plethora of ways to do this, retreats including one of the several botanic gardens, Sentosa island or a short plane trip away to total tropical paradise in the likes of Thailand, Philipines or even the Maldives.

I sometimes pinch myself and try wrap my head around these kind of blessings. Being 22 years old and having a passion for travel and photography, whilst having a job that allows me to work abroad is really a God dream.

Hope you enjoy these photos I have taken from around Singapore. More to come soon and I can’t wait to update you guys on my recent trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia!

Have you ever vsisited or lived in Singapore?

Love A x

The view from our apartment, overlooking the Grand Hyatt hotel

So much lush greenery! This is close to where I am working

The sun and clouds here are something different

Sentosa Island is great for a Saturday

Tree top walk in Singapore

The Macritchie Tree Top Walk

Secrets of South East Asia


My latest travel fascination has been the beautiful and mysterious South East Asia. Australia, being the isolated country it is, makes it rather difficult to get over and explore all the wonders of Europe. Luckily we have countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia (the list goes on!) right on our door step. Literally less than 5 hours flying time away.

What I love most about traveling is learning more about the world and your place in it. Seeing different ways of life, unique cultures and meeting the beautiful people of this world. I love learning from strangers, foreigners… those who’s life is so different to your own, yet so similar. They may work different jobs, live in different homes, have different families and have a different perspective on life, but at the end of the day we are all human. We all want to love and be loved. We all have a desire to love and be loved. To find a soul mate and grow a family. To make our friends and family proud. To impact this world for the better.

And I love seeing how this plays out across the world in off-the-grid locations, and how foreigners make the experience of life unique to themselves.

Oh how good is traveling! This has always been one of my favourite travel quotes and I’m not sure why…

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” Freya Stark

Here are some places I’m keen to explore and become immersed in within S.E.A:

Have you traveled to South East Asia before? Let us know what your favourite spots are!

 “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John A. Shedd

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