The Best Moments From My 6 Week Europe Trip

Honey I’m home! And just like my 6 week stint of exploring Europe has come to an end. I am so excited to share with you in detail all the places we went, cities we saw and things we learned. My 2018 Europe trip feels like a dreamy moment in time that never really happened – everything went perfectly well, no missed flights, broken cameras or stolen phones and zero nasty encounters! Continue reading The Best Moments From My 6 Week Europe Trip

Searching for clear skies

This weekend was the start of my June Euro trip with my boyfriend to Spain, Italy and Greece. We left sunny London hopeful for some Spanish sun but upon arrival realised we would be living in our rain ponchos for the weekend. What we thought would be a sun, beach, hike filled weekend turned out to be a tapas, indoor, spa retreat. And I loved every second of it.

It kind of annoys me how much weather can dictate your day / travel plans but more so how much we let it dictate our attitudes. Yes rain can be a major frustration for travellers but the fact is you really can’t change it. All you can do is change your plans and above all keep your holiday spirit!

We started our trip with a well needed rest. What could be better then staying rugged up in doors in a quaint Spanish room with a balcony overlooking the old town. Rain trickled outside over the flower decorated balconies. Now the holiday really begins- mmm time to relax. We spend the late hours of the evening feeding ourselves with unlimited options of pintxos and cheap wine. Saturday we awake to the sound of more rain and take the opportunity to catch up on some long needed sleep. The day is followed by a trip to the most delicious bakery I’ve ever been to, a windy walk by the beach, two hours in the most amazing spa and a shopping spree at Spain’s largest Zara. Nights were filled with more tapas, wine and sangria to warm us up. On our last day we pondered the windy coastline before retreating for more food, gelato, and dinner at a delicious seafood restaurant.

By Monday morning 6am we were heading out from the old town, through the murky cloud cover off to the Italian west coast. Despite the constant rain and cold which limited our wardrobes to pants and jackets, I still loved every second of San Sebastián- from the incredible food selection from tapas to helado to patisseries to the romantic alleys and intimate architecture and the friendly and approachable people. I hope you get to experience San Sebastián one day too- rain or shine.

Here are some pictures from our lovely weekend- enjoy!




A Bittersweet Countdown

In 11 hours I will be leaving my flat in London. In 13 hours I will be reunited with my boyfriend of whom we had a 5 month long distance relationship. In 36 hours we will be flying out of England and I’m not too sure when I’ll be back. In 27 days I will return home to Sydney, Australia.

It feels so strange looking around my empty room. Just a week ago i could hear the laughter of my friends in the hall outside my door. There were photos covering my walls. Various peoples bags, clothes, drinks in my room that they had left behind. I had so much but now all that is left is a small silver suitcase packed with the bare essentials and a couple of sentimental things. Everything else- cleared out and given to charity. It’s amazing how much random stuff you can accumulate over five months.

I’m still so in disbelief that on the first day of this year I packed 10kg of luggage and flew out solo to the furthest place from home- London. Knowing no one and not knowing what I was getting myself into. But this turned into the most amazing adventure, and no doubt it was because of the people.

I could not have been more blessed. I am knackered and need to regain my energy for more adventures with my boyfriend when he lands tomorrow. Super excited!! Off to San Sebastian Friday yay!