Why I Like My Life Busy

A lot of people like to take it slow. They enjoy having activities and events spread out and be able to lounge and relax. But for me, I struggle to be able to relax when I actually have free time. Going from being busy to having free hours in the day- you start to worry … Continue reading Why I Like My Life Busy

How To Have A Life Aside Work and Study

I've recently started a job which requires me to work 3 full days. But of course considering Sydney's layout and traffic it ends up consuming a 7am-7pm frame. On my two other days in the week I am at university (studying full time) frantically trying to catch up on missed lectures, tutorial homework, assignments la … Continue reading How To Have A Life Aside Work and Study

A Bittersweet Countdown

In 11 hours I will be leaving my flat in London. In 13 hours I will be reunited with my boyfriend of whom we had a 5 month long distance relationship. In 36 hours we will be flying out of England and I'm not too sure when I'll be back. In 27 days I will … Continue reading A Bittersweet Countdown

Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since I flew to the other side of the world to begin my London experience! Experience; I like that word. It means to undergo, taste, feel, try, see. Undergo my own journey of independence and finding myself. Taste the cool British air. Feel like a stranger in a foreign place. Try … Continue reading Two Weeks