Where’s Your Head At?

This week has no doubt been one of the most influential in shaping my everyday perspective. Which has been hard to wrap my head around but I absolutely love because it is a key reason I came here. Ive definitely learnt a lot and I wouldn’t change it for anything. This week has showed me … Continue reading Where’s Your Head At?

Finding It. But what is it?

I came to London to try and find something. But I never really knew what it was or where'd or how'd I'd find it. But I knew I would find it here. Find it by being away from home. By being in the uncomfortable. The uncertain. Being in a place where you have to say … Continue reading Finding It. But what is it?

money, money, money

I didn't realize how frustrating money could be. You can work so hard for it, and it's gone like that! But then again, I don't regret spending it as everything I have purchased has made this trip what it is- and I have loved it so far! London can be an expensive city. I guess … Continue reading money, money, money

underground conversations.

"Julie was always like no, no, no to the idea of marriage and now she's doing it. It's always been something she's dreaded." On the way home the other night on the underground, I overheard two ladies discuss an untouched topic. The two girls sat opposite each other. One wore a beige brown coat lined … Continue reading underground conversations.

a little cafe in the south of kensington

Welcomed by rows of lavender brimming on the edge of a wooden bench. A friendly smile greets me, I hear a hint of native French. It's obvious I'm not from here, but I do my best to act local. I pull out my stool and struggle to squeeze between the people aside me. They look. … Continue reading a little cafe in the south of kensington