Memories from Paris

I must say I do love Facebook memories and all the highlights from years gone by that come to surface. On Valentines Day in 2013, 5 years ago, I visited Paris with my 2 London gal pals Bec and Neelam. At the time we were all on exchange studying at Roehampton University in London for half a year. Continue reading Memories from Paris

Winter Getaway to Byron Bay 

The last time I traveled to Byron Bay in winter was a couple of years ago. Oh my – how good it felt to be back at this time of the year. I’ve forgotten how powerful nature can be in the cooler seasons. Over the past two weeks Byron has experienced a tremendous bout of rain. Luckily the sun decided to shine and the clouds cleared up as soon as we arrived for the weekend.

You’ll often hear me talk about Byron Bay. It’s our go to place over summer and the new year, although we don’t often go up over winter. I guess it’s the whole mentality of “save beachy places for summer” but how wrong we can be! No regrets for visiting during the middle of winter because Byron sure did put on a show for us.

I can’t promise this weather to everyone because I think we must of just got the window of sunshine. The water was incredibly clear and the sun was super warm. We managed to sneak in a few ocean dips and hubby enjoyed several surf sessions he raved about the whole weekend.

Every time we go to Byron it ends up as a food tour. I’m convinced this coastal town has some of the best food spots in Australia, especially for breakfast. I couldn’t tell you just how many incredible cafes and restaurants there are. This delicious coconut concoction was from Bay Leaf which is a well known cafe in B-town.

We always like to try something new or see a different place every time we visit Byron. This time around we ventured to Brunswick Heads which is only a 20 minute drive from Byron. It’s quieter, has an amazing pub called Brunswick Hotel and has some really cute shops and cafes.

On Sunday morning we managed to squeeze in a quick walk up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, by following the trail from Wategos Beach. Would highly recommend it as the views were to die for and we spotted about 30 dolphins swimming off shore – amazing!

The beauty of Byron is that every time you go you’ll discover something different, meet someone new and come home feeling refreshed and in tune with nature.

Have you visited Byron Bay in winter?

Love A x

Queenstown, NZ Top Moments

Queenstown could easily be coined as the adventure capital of the world. There is so much to do there and it is all based around the natural landscapes

Queenstown, New Zealand is a storybook place. As many say it is a photographers dream and you really can’t take a bad photo anywhere.

If you were following along on Instagram & Snapchat recently you would have seen what we got up to in our week long trip there. It wasn’t our usual getaway trip, as we had some business and personal matters to attend to, but we made sure we made the most of our time there.

We visited early August which ended up being perfect timing to go. Luckily enough the snow had really kicked in three weeks before arriving, so there was plenty of snow around during our 6 night stay. This made for an incredible ski day alongside some memorable winter adventures.

I was very taken back by all that Queenstown had to offer. Being only a 3 hour flight away from Sydney, it is so easily accessible and quick to get to. We flew in with Jetstar which we found fine for the short flight. I could not believe how much Queenstown reminded me of Switzerland. I honestly thought I was in Europe.

Queenstown could easily be coined as the adventure capital of the world. There is so much to do there and it is all based around the natural landscapes whether it be skiing, bungee jumping, white water rafting, the Shotover jet (see and book here), skydiving, luging, gondolas… The list goes on!

Here are some snaps from our top moments in Queenstown…

For those of you who have been lucky enough to visit, what was your favourite part of Queenstown?

Love A xx

Autumn/Winter 2016 

Happy Sunday friends! Currently in Sydney, Australia it’s a pretty miserable Sunday afternoon. It’s rainy, cold and quite dark outside. Hubby and I are making the most of it, snuggled up on the couch together. He’s doing his thing, watching the rugby, and I’m doing my thing scrolling through Pinterest and Insta, hunting for fashion inspo. 

Thought I’d share some looks that have caught my eyes of late.

What looks are you loving right now? 

Love A X 

5 Lovely Winter Weekend Activities

Right now in Sydney it’s winter and oh how lucky we have been! I can’t remember the last time it rained consecutively for a couple of days. The sun has been out, the air has been fresh and everyone has been enjoying having some time outdoors to take it easy and rest. I am definitely a summer girl, but there is something about winter that I also love. So… here are some of my favourite activities for winter and those shorter, colder days of the year:

1. Long candle-lit dinner dates. Cozy, comfy and cuddly.

2. Bike riding in hoodies. The cool wind on your face is sometimes just what you need to feel refreshed. And I love appreciating winter trees and plants.

3. Early coffee dates. It doesn’t get better than a warm coffee, catching up on your favourite magazines and books.

4. Visiting the beach. The serenity of a quiet, deserted beach in the winter time.

5. Photography. Everyone seems to struggle to find creative things to do in winter. Why not head out and try take some different creative photographs? Early morning fog, rainy reflections, frost covered cars.

Here are some snaps from my weekend! Love all the colour!

Love xx

photoMy favourite place, Palm Beach Boathouse

photo 2-3The best steaks from Wild Water Grill at Dee Why, Sydney

photo 1-2Colour

photo 2-2

photo 1-3Palm Beach Boathouse, Sydney

photo 2Mint Slice Cocktail mmm…