Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand


So why Golden Hour Girl?

As many of you know from reading my blog, for the first six months of this year I escaped from Sydney and started my life up again in London. For me, this six months was time for me to find myself. Find myself in a place where I knew no one, knew no place and practically knew very little about anything around me- and what an adventure it was.

But above all, it was a time where I had time to think and to change my perspective on life. At first I traveled to escape all my problems but I soon realized they were more clear to me then they had ever been before and it was the perfect time to figure everything out. Or at least start.

A lot of travelers go to a new place to holiday- they take some time out of their busy lives to just escape it all and be in a place of relaxation. They want to escape problems and unwind, live in a place (temporarily) where no one knows them and just be.. well themselves, without any stress or troubles.

But as much as this sounds like the ideal situation to be in, this situation can be quite honestly frustrating. No human can ever feel as frustrated and helpless when they are in a place where they can see the bigger picture of their lives and all they see is a big mess- messy relationships, unfixed issues, things which need to be done, problems which are just waiting to be solved. And running away from it all does not fix them!

With the deadline that I would be back in Sydney 1st July, I knew I had to start sorting things out- even if I was on the other side of the world. And how much better off I am now for doing it. I took time out to first discover myself, figure out who I really wanted to be, who I wanted to be around, what I wanted to devote my time too and start resolving and working on some situations and relationships.

For those who are avid photographers, they’ll understand the concept of Golden Hours- the perfect time to shoot. It’s the time between sunset and sunrise, when the lighting is the strongest and brings the greatest contrast and colours onto the world’s features- ready for your lens to capture.

And that was my Golden Hour. London (& Europe 2013). The perfect time to shoot- shoot for goals which were only baby steps in Sydney. Shoot for those relationships which deserved the attention, and abandon others which didn’t. Shoot for things in my life which I thought were the brighter, more valuable ones, but only once I saw from a bigger perspective, were the colours so bright to me.

For anyone thinking of, as the quote is, “hiding your head in the sand”- do you really want to temporarily block out problems and hide from the world only to have to come back to them when they are ten times bigger? Look ahead out to the horizon. There’s a bright future and a new day ahead- all it takes is for you to change your perspective.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand

  1. What you’ve wrote is SO true! Most people travel or move to a different country to escape problems and issues which, (whether they like it or not) are going to catch up with them eventually. Travel is great for finding yourself and finding who you want to be. Last year I moved thousands of miles to a country that I’d even never visited before and I didn’t know a single person – this was a huge risk as you just never know how it will go. It was so exhilarating and I learned so much about myself during that time but it also taught me to appreciate the simple things in life and made me so grateful for what I already had. Eventually, I realised I already have everything I want and I don’t need to go searching the world for it. It totally changed my perspective and like you said there’s a bright future ahead!


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