5 Reasons Twenties Are For Thriving

I love being young! It’s that simple. Young at heart, young at mind, young in life. The world is an adventure, a playground that is made for us to explore! Before I start rambling off with excitement here are 5 reasons I am currently loving this decade I have just entered…

1. INSPIRATION: Everyday something new and exciting hits me. To travel, to create my own little city Pinterest-inspired apartment, to dream about future jobs, to meet new and exciting people, to escape into nature and live in the wild… Crazy ideas, crazy dreams, a crazy heart. Let’s face yet- when you’re in your 20’s life just keeps on getting better and better and you can’t help but be hit with INSPIRATION on a daily basis.

2. LOVE: This is the time your heart is open to so many possibilities. Passions take over and you find new found loves. You love things deeply and develop new hobbies and interests. You’ll also most likely fall head over heels for a few other things or rather someone…

3. TRY: You aren’t afraid to just give it a go! Twenties are the time when you don’t require the full security of a job or income to pay off school bills, mortgages… LIFE. You are free to try new things and be risky! Life is a lot easier when you have little holding you back.

4. BE: I think 20’s are the time when everyone really starts to discover who they are. They develop niche interests and begin to say no to things they used to just do because they friends did. It’s a time when you really get to discover yourself in this big big world and become happier for it.

5. FRIENDS: I don’t think there will be any other decade that will be so friend-filled as this one. Every weekend there is something going on whether it be 21st’s, weddings, hens nights, house warming parties, festivals, road trips.. Twenties are when you have just enough money to do things yet just enough time to execute them. Perfect!


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